In harsh situation: What to do? Where to go? How to survive?

1. Break Away

Relax, calm down and clear your mind. You strictly need to do this for it’ll help you think fast and efficient. Putting yourself in state of hysteria won’t gonna help; it will just worsen the situation.

2. Take a Break

Eat it out! Many of us find comfort in foods right?  It’s advisable to intake food that contain magnesium, any vitamin B, zinc and antioxidants which helps in dealing with stress or anxiety. Food such as almonds, dark chocolate, seaweeds, berries, whole grain foods are good examples. Crucial foods to avoid are fried foods, high glycemic carbs, unrefined sugars and alcoholic beverages.

3. Teleport

If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable from where you at go to a place where you can seek peacefulness—church, home, hospital, library, spa, etc. If you’re in the office and you can’t just go as you wished simply go to the washroom and freshen up or at the lobby just to unwind.

4. Call A Friend

The best way to keep yourself calm is to let go of that thing that bothers you. Sharing your thoughts to someone helps you think clearly and give you a chance to overview the situation again, plus your friend can suggest something that might help solve the dilemma.

5. Workout

Personally I do this to throw all those stress out and feel good. Some researches claims that exercise is as powerful as medicine which is side effect free and can even make you healthier. You don’t need an intense exercise you just need to move and keep going. I do believe that during or after exercise our brain function at its best plus it does boost our mood.

6. Go For Arts

This doesn’t require much of your effort or time. Sing your favorite song or power on you iPod or radio. Draw on your sketch pad, doesn’t matter if all you can do is a human stick. Dance to your favorite bit or simply tap your feet to the floor. We all have this sort of stress remover inside us just choose which suits you best and can make you calm.

7. Think Happy Thoughts

This is the best time to reminisce and think of the best people you have met.

8. Pray

God is always there for us in sickness and in health, through happy and trouble times He’s one prayer away. Seek for His light and let it spread to your soul. Feel His presence with all your heart and for sure all your worries in no time will be gone. We are always strong with Him, nothing can possible hurt us.

“Don’t ever let the situation eats you. Show who’s the boss, handle the situation coolly for best and much preferred result”.

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